CedarSoles - very thin and flexible cedarwood insoles
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How to cure sweaty feet, eliminate foot odor and treat athlete's foot?

Zederna Original CedarSoles explained by our medical expert Dr. Johannes
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Zederna Original CedarSoles
Fresh and Healthy Feet - 100% Natural

Have you ever asked yourself how to get rid of smelly feet, athlete's foot, and nail fungus permanently? German brand Zederna developed the Original CedarSoles as an all natural and very effective foot odor and athlete's foot cure.

The Zederna CedarSoles Silver Care are 100% natural and handcrafted from a very thin layer of cedarwood on top of a stabilising cotton layer. The unique design makes them very flexible, comfortable, and prevents the insole from splintering. The wood-cotton mix absorbs foot moisture keeping your in-shoe environment dry and healthy. Cedarwood's natural anti-bacterial/ fungicidal properties cure and prevent foot odor, athlete's foot, and nail fungus (100% natural, no chemicals or artificial fragrances).

Why CedarSoles - The Zederna Advantage

  • Solve sweaty feet issues
  • Eliminate foot odor with immediate effect
  • Help to cure athlete's foot within days
  • Accelerate nail fungus treatment
  • Help to prevent recurrence of athlete's foot and nail fungus permanently

The Zederna Effect - Where and how it works

Who can use our CedarSoles?

Everyone who wants to keep their feet fresh and healthy in a convenient way - no need for daily deodorants or creams. CedarSoles Silver Care are highly recommended for people

  • who suffer from foot odor and/ or sweaty feet (incl. hyperhidrosis and bromodosis)
  • with athlete's foot and/ or nail fungus conditions
  • who suffer from burning feet
  • who are on their feet all day
  • who wear nylon socks or tights
  • who wear closed, non-breathable shoes (e.g. security boots) who often have cold feet (CedarSoles also provide an additional insulating layer)

Zederna Original CedarSoles

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